When it comes to a vacation in Europe, there are always a couple of countries that immediately come to our mind: magnificent Italy, sunny Spain, sophisticated Croatia. But lately European vacation market has been quietly taken over by Greece – one of the hidden gems of the old world. Full of legends and ancient architecture, Greece is considered to be one of the best rising destinations in Europe. The country has been slowly climbing out of the pit of its financial crisis, and is aiming to be one of the best destinations to travel to in a couple of years. Ellada is a great country to explore old culture, and loose yourself in a variable mix of old traditions, modern luxury and ageless spirit. You may, of course, take the beaten path of staying in the hotel and booking a couple of excursions for your stay in Greece, but we definitely have a better idea for you. You see, the most popular touristic places in the country can be quite crowded at times, so your best shot at experiencing this beautiful country in full is to rent a yacht charter online, and see the whole country from water.

Not only will it give you an opportunity to experience most popular attractions from a different perspective, but will also introduce you to an other side of Greece, with its tiny islands, cosy villages and hidden bottomless lagoons. These days, renting a sailing yacht for a week in Greece would be the best alternative to a common hotel stay, especially considering the fact that you are free to tailor your whole itinerary up to your own taste – from the initial route to a customised menu that might be served for you on board by a personal chef. The simplest way to get your yacht is to book it online through CharterClick, so you can start planning your itinerary right away. If you are looking for suggestion about where to go, you can always visit the site of Greek Tourism Organisation, or get inspired by reading our Greek itineraries. In any case, you can never go wrong with a yacht charter in Greece.


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